Motivation & Mantras

As it is now September and thing are getting busier in our lives because of school, less vacation time, people are more motivated in the work sense and the healthy lean clean green eating as well as constant working out is falling a little to the wayside.

It’s not always easy to stay on track especially when you don’t have the “I need to wear a bikini” this weekend looming over your head. So, I thought I would share some Mantra’s that I try to live by for some extra motivation:

This one is so close to my heart, as I tend to overeat and really not pay attention to my diet as much as I should from Thursday – Sunday….which is really more than half of the week…:S Yikes!

bad diet kitchen

The duration of a workout is always a mystery…how long and how intense should I work out? You should try to go at LEAST 30 minutes and always put everything in…don’t phone it in (Thanks Jillian Michaels for that one!)length

Don’t quit when you don’t see results right away…4weeks

This one really speaks for me…for those days when you really don’t feel like it just do it before you do anything else and you will not regret it!mantra2

Here are some great reasons to work out….  mantra1 And lastly, some Ryan Gosling…because who doesn’t love him?!

ryanAnyone else have some good tips to stay motivated when you fall off track?



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