Abs on fire!


Each morning I start my day by walking my fur-baby Monty….here he is:
I normally know its time to get up when he jumps up on my bed and starts pawing me in the face – no joke. So, this morning I was thinking I should get some cardio in before I work my abs.

We live 1 street away from the waterfront in Barrie so its always really nice to run along the water in the morning – most of the time it isn’t overly busy and I can let Monty run wild off leash as well which is amazing! I ran 4 km this morning, but I was feeling very sluggish – my legs were heavy like sand bags, but I kept pushing through anyways.

When I got home I was thinking of doing Day 6 of my 30 day challenge I mentioned here, but I figured I would save that for my pm work-out after I walk. Does anyone else do an am and pm workout? I feel like its good to break it up and work-out throughout the day. Normally I will walk or run the dog in the morning and do some toning and then at night I like to do a walk, hiit (high intensity interval training – I will post about this soon), or barre before doing some stretching or yoga. 

This morning I did one of the Tone it Up workouts of bikini abs, and let me tell you – this is a burner! It feels like 20 minutes even though its really only about 12! It gives you a serious burn all over your mid-section….I challenge you to do it today!! You can do the follow along video here. OR you can print out the workout below:


bikini abs




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