AUGUST CHALLENGE – Who’s with me?


So, with this new month brings a new challenge! I am always looking for new ways to improve my fitness and I came across the perfect post on pinterest (follow me here). I am very excited about this! I am going to do this every morning as my bootycall. 

Here it is:


When I was in Europe a couple weeks ago backpacking I was finding it really hard to find time to workout so I challenged myself to do 20 squats every single time I went to the bathroom. This is not easy when there is a line waiting and you are wondering if the people beside you in the stall are hearing you squat – but who cares!! It’s a great way to burn those extra calories and rev up your metabolism! If you work larger muscle groups you burn more calories simply because you are moving more mass. This is great for busy days when you can’t seem to squeeze in a workout. So, who’s with me on the 30 day challenge?


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