A Little Background

Hello! My name is Meaghan and this is my first blog post. I started this blog because my husband was recently told me I should and I thought why? Who would want to listen to me? But, then I thought….might as well! So, here I am.

About a year and a half ago I moved from the big city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a smaller (yet not as small as people think {population 136,00 in the 2011 census}) city of Barrie, Ontario. Side note: why is the most updated information from 2011? Get on it census!

Anyway….since I moved to Barrie I have had a lot change in my life.

First: we bought our first home and it is OLD. 1920 OLD. Which means we have a lot of reno’s and updating to do especially since whoever owned this house before us thought he was handy. It turns out he was a DIY disaster, so we are left re-renovating. But, it’s been an adventure. I will post some of our DIY crafts and reno’s throughout the blog as we take them on little by little…

Second: We got married in July 2013 so last year was a bit of a whirlwind with planning and all the fun that comes along with a wedding. I loved every minute of the experience and had so much fun planning and hanging with all our best friends and family for the year leading up to the “big day”.

Third: We purchased (like to think we saved) our fur-baby Monty. He was an accidental litter born in the mean streets of downtown Hamilton …Ok, not really. He was born in a very grubby home in downtown Hamilton and was worm ridden when we first got him. Needless to say we fell in love and he is the best little mutt we could ask for.

Fourth: I switched jobs just over a year and a half ago and I now work from home. This is a transition for me as I really needed to come up with a schedule and figure out how to adjust to this lifestyle. At times I love it and other times it can be quite isolating (ex. Canadian Winter…BRRRR – full hibernation mode).

Lastly: I have always been active and for the most part I have been a healthy eater. In University I was on the figure skating team and working out and skating was a big part of my life. I felt after University I travelled and kind of fell off of my healthy lifestyle. In the past three to four years I have really refocused. I have run two half-marathons (one on the great wall of China) and a few other races as well as trekked Machu Piccu,

As part of my healthy lifestyle I have been experimenting with a lot of recipes I find on Pinterest and other healthy blogs. My husband often tells me I am the queen of not-so-guilty pleasures – meaning I take comfort food recipes and prepare them from healthy ingredients. I really enjoy this because I feel satisfied without all the calories and fat. But, this is not always the case as I am human and a serious chocoholic! If there is a chocolate in the house it literally calls me from the cupboard until it no longer exists.

Ok, so that’s about all for now…I will try and post as often as I can….please feel free to comment or leave questions!



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